LEVERAGE Payment Solutions (LPS) is the card processing arm that supports the League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU). As with LSCU, the current iteration of LPS has its’ history in the three credit unions leagues; Alabama, Florida, and Georgia that now make up LSCU. Each of these three leagues has a history of offering card processing solutions that date back more than 30 years. For example, the Alabama Credit Union League brought us some of our debit card processing solutions, Florida brought us the self-administered credit card and debit card support, chargeback support, consultative support and Georgia brought us full-service credit and debit card support, chargeback support, consultative support

While at the time, some of these solutions were limited to the geographical states where they operated (all credit card solutions), others were built on relationships with core providers (Alabama debit solutions). And still others were built to solve the needs for credit unions when processors did not offer a solution (Florida chargeback support).

As LSCU and LPS have grown, we have taken the best solutions from each of our legacy credit union leagues and combined them into many of the offerings we have today. As a result, LPS currently supports the various card processing needs of 180 credit unions in 16 states from Florida to Hawaii and from Pennsylvania to Washington state.