debit processing solutions

LEVERAGE Payments Solutions can assist you in increasing transaction volume, profitability and cardholder retention, by transforming your debit card portfolio.

LPS currently partners with industry leading processors to provide debit card processing solutions, providing your cardholders with a seamless and benefit-rich card experience they want while safeguarding their debit transactions. Our processing platform features a single, streamlined interface/settlement point to numerous regional and nationwide networks and includes built-in tools to help you analyze usage and activity, and ultimately maximize operational efficiency.


  • Seamless implementation and conversion support
  • Protect revenue with fraud and risk monitoring
  • Generate a new revenue stream
  • Increase service usage and satisfaction while attracting new cardholders
  • Provide your cardholders with a seamless and benefit rich card experience
  • Provide security to your cardholder’s debit transactions
  • Single, streamlined interface with access to numerous regional and national networks
  • Tools to analyze usage and activity

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